Inspired by nature, solitude and my grandfathers closet. 

Every piece is handmade in small factories in Bavaria and Veneto.

I only use buttons from a small Bavarian button manufacturer.

High quality fabrics from German, Austrian, British or Italian houses. 

The garments will age with the person who wears them.

Minimalistic with details that make sense.

Long living, fair and sustainable. 

since 2017, founded by Louis Ziebarth Renaud.


Why the rose?

I  grew up with my grandparents a lot.
27 years ago, they planted a rose for my sister and me in their garden.

One can imagine how high it is today and with how many blossoms.

For my grandpartens and me, this rose vine was a big thing every spring, summer and fall.
From growing, blooming and withering.
Over the years, as I grew, the rose vine grew as well.

As a young boy I asked my grandfather why he cuts off the blossoms of the rose and his answer was, "You can cut a rose, but it will always grow back. You just have to take care of it".

I took this sentence as a motto.

No matter how often people try to cut you off, you should always take care of yourself and grow back - better and stronger.