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b. keepers tweed coat

b. keepers tweed coat

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This coat is made from 100% cheviot wool Twill (Scottish Fabric)

The color is a dark charcoal 

Full canvas construction 

Bemberg Lining 

Handmade in Italy 

Made to order - please inquire via e-mail - 

small adjustments for measurements are possible 



This fabric is made from  900g/m Wool, woven in Scotland using traditional techniques and knowledge.

The outer surface of the cloth is a fine web or high twisted cheviot worsted warp yarn.
These are drawn together by the contraction of the weft yarns during the milling part of the finishing process. 
The resulting compact sheer cloth face produces a natural barrier to any water absorption.
This “Keepers Tweed” uses thicker and more robust yarns to provide a higher level of protection and warmth.

 „Keepers Tweed“  - as the name suggest was first designed to be worn by gamekeepers, a robust, tightly woven twill cloth in a subtle dun colour, it was created to withstand the rigours of the field all day, every day. 
I was looking for the perfect fabric to be a companion during my walks in the woods and mountains - but also a classical fabric for the cold winter days in the city. I found it.


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